SAM Wow! This was simply amazing. Truly amazing blog  09.16.15, 11:45pm

Marine What a fantastic wedding !!! Roselyn is my favorite actress, she is so beautiful...I 'm sure you had a lot of fun :) The photos are sooo beautiful too. Best wishes to the bride and her groom !  05.01.09, 11:35pm

Louise Gibson How jealous am I that you got to be there. I really like WaT and especially Poppy Montgomery.  01.29.09, 2:10pm

JENNIFER SKOG OMG AND Delco was there?!!? looks like a rad wedding.  01.27.09, 1:12am

JENNIFER SKOG Oh, SO jealous! Without A Trace is one of my favorite shows!!!!  01.27.09, 1:11am