Marine Stunning Photos!! So beautiful clichés!!! I love the colors, the architecture...and the kitties are so CUTE! Very nice Job...You are so lucky. I wish I could go to Puerto Rico too !!! But as a French girl, that's not easy lol.  05.01.09, 11:44pm

Tina-Louise I just watched it again, almost two months later! Excellent PR images....still. :)  04.08.09, 11:23am

Tina Louise I love this slideshow! Gorgeous color and architecture. Thank you.  02.24.09, 3:06pm

Raquel Allen PS- LOVE THE SONG makes me wanna dance!  02.23.09, 9:23am

Raquel Allen Wow. I have tears in my eyes. I was born and raised in PR (I am from the West Coast Isabela). I am a HUGE fan of yours and this is OBVIOUSLY my fav post! I am going next week and I hope to do it justice like you! Thank you for seeing the beauty in our Island.  02.23.09, 9:23am

gary fong San Juan looks sooooo much like Burano, Italy! Thanks for sharing.  02.12.09, 7:17am