Samuele Gallorini Congratulation for the beautiful pictures of Florence and Castello di Vincigliata!  10.19.11, 10:15am

Brisbane Photographer Wow! These images are stunning! I love checking out other photographers for inspiration and these are beautiful images to say the least. Keep up the good work.  05.30.11, 11:06am

LJP Los Angeles Love the landscape photos, great detail!  04.18.11, 3:46pm

Alison (wedsavvy editor) breathtaking photos, Marisa!  03.06.11, 5:43pm

Fritz Harmon Wow. Beautiful images. Thanks for sharing, Marisa.  02.13.11, 9:45pm

Matt Wow, What a beautiful venue and backdrop. Stunning pictures!  02.04.11, 3:18am

Digital Background Fan Looks like such a beautiful wedding...Love your style!!!  01.24.11, 6:48am

Stephanie Firenze Marisa- Mike and I couldnt be more pleased with the way the photos came out! amazing! I'll plan your wedding. hint hint :)  01.17.11, 8:38pm

Braedon Amazing Marissa! Looks so good.  01.14.11, 9:36am

Arnold M. Wilson Great photo session. I like the way this highly professional photographer has shown the beauty of Italy and romantic atmosphere of wedding. Very creative work.  01.13.11, 5:00am

Anne Beautiful Photos. Congratulations! Love the fireworks in the last one.  01.12.11, 7:32pm

Kathy Last night Dan told me to be sure and check your blog...he said "she has some gorgeous shots at a wedding in Florence"!!! And I agree!!! What a beautiful setting for a beautiful wedding!!!  01.12.11, 11:30am

lane dittoe so great, beautiful stuff  01.10.11, 9:51pm

Julie Hill Seriously insane photos Marisa! You KILLED it!!! So glad you were there with me. Let's go to Italy again soon!! (hint hint)  01.10.11, 6:23pm